The 2020 Oscars Swag Bags Include a Brain Sensor, and a Urine Collection System

It’s always fun to hear about the ridiculous things that celebrities receive in their Oscars swag bags and this year, they’re extra ridiculous.

According to “Forbes”, this year’s “free” swag is valued at $225,000, which is UP nearly $80,000 from last year’s haul.

The package includes: “Hydrogen-infused” water ($29.99 a pouch), posh amethyst bath bombs ($75), a $150 gold-plated cannabis vape pen, a “brainwave-sensing meditation headband” ($250) and up to $25,000 worth of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures such as lip fillers and chemical peels.

There are vouchers for a 12-day cruise on a yacht with butler service, two helicopters, and a spa. It’s valued at $78,190, with destinations that include Antarctica and the Mediterranean.

Other gifts include:  A romantic getaway in a Spanish lighthouse (not the one featuring Robert Pattinson), a year’s membership to a luxury dating service and the Peezy Midstream which is a “medical urine collection system that claims to improve the accuracy of testing for infections.” Um, what?

But not everything is weird and pricey.  For example, there’s a two-pack of dark chocolate Milanos, which cost $4.89 for a set of 10.

Danielle Tufano

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