Adult Throws Tantrum And Assaults TSA Agents Over Apple Juice

A 19-year-old woman named Makiah is facing charges for assault, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, and possible fines after assaulting three TSA Agents.

It all went down at Phoenix airport on Tuesday around 6AM.

When TSA Agents took her apple juice at the security checkpoint (because of their policy on liquids), she became irate.

Makiah allegedly tried to walk around barrier to grab her bin of things but they wouldn’t let her. That’s when she jumped up on a table then hit a TSA agent in the head.

As they tried to restrain her, she punched a female agent and yanked her ponytail, then bit a third.

Two agents ended up in the hospital, 450 passengers and their travels were affected and everyone else had to move to a new checkpoint and line up all over again — all. over. apple juice.


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Photo courtesy Collision Specialists Inc. and Alpha Media.


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