Being married means the occasional fight, but longer life, studies say

Breaking news: married couples argue.

A recent YouGov poll asked Americans in serious relationships how often they argue, what they argue about, and how those arguments start.

The plurality of married people responded to the survey that they fight “multiple times per year”, with most fights resulting from ‘tone of voice or attitude’.

Money, communication styles, household chores, family, and amount of quality time spent together are also common causes of marital spats.

But research also suggests being married can reduce your chances of an early death by up to 20%.

In a separate study, the mortality rate for coronary heart disease in unmarried people was found to be 20% greater.

Single people also faced a significantly higher risk of dying prematurely from heart attacks, heart disease and heart failure, accident or injury, lung disease, asthma, and even cancer.

Married people having easier and more frequent access to healthcare was cited as a possible explanation, among several other factors.

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