According to some fans of Lil Nas X, there is shade being thrown at the “Old Town Road” rapper by Blake Shelton on his new song, “Hell Right.”

Shelton’s song features Trace Adkins and the lyrics, “Then the girl from the small town took off the ‘Old Town’, put on a little Hank Jr.,” Adkins agrees, adding, “Thank God.”

“Hell Right” was released last Friday (August 16) to critical acclaim from fans who took the lyrics as a dig at the chart-topping artist, “Reminds me of when Taylor Swift came onto the music scene with pop-infused country and lyrics explicitly from a young woman’s experience,” wrote Twitter user @hopeisunseen, “That came with backlash from purists and then even more bro-country.”

A rep for Shelton claims the lyrics only pertain to the amount of airplay “Old Town Road” received and not a personal attack on Lil Nas X. “Old Town Road” has been named the longest-running U.S. single of all time, topping the chart for 20 weeks.

a) Can’t we all just get along? b) Who cares if he did throw “shade” at Lil Nas X? His name is Lil Nas X, for cryin out loud!

Danielle Tufano

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