Got a headache or minor aches and pains? Don’t make a doctors appointment or grab that bottle of aspirin. Instead, hit up the local Barista for a cup of Joe.

Although the effects have really only been tested in sleep-deprived mice, according to Robert Schmerling, MD, coffee can act as a pain reliever.

And while it may seem unbelievable, a jolt of Java can actually keep you calm. “The caffeine in coffee mimics anti-stress hormones like progesterone,” notes physiologist and health expert, Dr Ray Peat, PhD.

Dr Peat does caution that people should avoid excessive amounts of coffee and enjoy it with either a meal or cream and sugar in order to prevent feeling shaky.

I thought this was old news, but apparently a lot of people didn’t know about that caffeine can help with a headache! I usually go with chugging a Mt Dew, but I suppose anything with a jolt would help (within reason)!

Danielle Tufano

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