Cops escorting Santa and Mrs. Claus to an event also manage to bust some shoplifters

Two police officers in Daytona Beach, Florida named Joe Evans and Courtney Wooleyhan got an assignment on Saturday night to escort Santa and Mrs. Claus to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony at an outlet mall.

So they took the couple to the mall, took some pictures, and then headed back toward their car.

And when they got to the parking lot, they spotted some people trying to steal a tire from a car. And when they searched their car, they found they’d just shoplifted stuff from six stores at the mall.

So the cops who were only at the mall to provide a ceremonial police escort to Santa wound up arresting three adults and one 16-year-old.

25-year-old Shaijaun Christie, 19-year-old Johnarian Young, 47-year-old Debbie Champagnie, and the 16-year-old are all facing several charges, including petty theft, grand theft, resisting arrest, and more.



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