Do You Kinda Miss It?

Is there something you liked doing when you were younger but don’t anymore, for numerous reasons?

By numerous reasons, I mean, you’re either too old (which should never be the case) you don’t have the time or you really have no reason.

For instance, I used to LOVE fishing. Hanging out in a boat all day or on the shore with a line in the water. For me, it was always more about the people you were with. The conversation. But still, about the fish. Even if you went home skunked, you still got out and enjoyed the day. What’s that old saying? A bad day fishing is always better than a good day at work. I think the last time I went fishing was actually in Cabo San Lucas. Our party caught a sea turtle and a pelican. So we got skunked. But the time before that, I can’t even remember. I know it was before 2008.

Another thing I used to do was golf. I really enjoyed it. When I was out there, the only thing on my mind was what club I was gonna use…or the putt ahead of me. I really miss golfing. I haven’t done that since at least 2005.

I need to quit making the excuse that I don’t have time and just do it. We’re not getting any younger.

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