Do You Remember Your First Car?

There was nothing like the feeling of buying your first car. New or old doesn’t matter. It was just knowing that it was YOURS that made it special.

I’ll never forget my first car. It certainly wasn’t the one pictured above. I couldn’t get clearance for the pic I wanted to use but, anyway, I paid $100 for a 1976 Buick Skylark. That was my first car.

It was the coolest car I’ve ever owned. It was a rusty old piece of…well, you know. But it got me from point A to point B…eventually.

The floor boards were rusted through and my shoes got wet when I drove in the rain. My turn signals didn’t work. I had to do it manually. Push the signal lever up and down but then one day it just started working. I was being followed by a cop and decided to turn and it miraculously just…started working.

It did have a pretty nice car stereo in it. That was a big thing for guys my age. The car could be a huge turd but the stereo was mint. Nice and loud.

Good times.

What was your first car?

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