The Age Most People Discover Their Favorite Band Is…

If you were reminded of the music you were listening to in the 7th grade, would you be embarrassed or would it be some of the same music you’re listening to now?

The ticketing company TickPick conducted a survey involving over 1,000 people, and they asked when people first heard their all-time favorite band.  And the average answer was… 13!

Coincidentally, the average age that people said they were first exposed to explicit music was 12 and a half. haha

When asked what influenced their musical tastes growing up, 66% said friends, 59% said radio, 52% said movies, 48% said their father, 45% said their mother, 44% said TV, 39% said concerts and festivals and 33% said a sibling contributed.

Danielle Tufano

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