Federal government declares public health emergency to combat monkeypox outbreak

The federal government has declared a public health emergency to free up money and other resources to fight the monkeypox outbreak that has infected over 66-hundred Americans.  Dr. Matthew Binnicker, Director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory at Mayo Clinic spoke with KAUS News and described what some of the most common monkeypox symptoms are…

Dr. Binnicker went to talk about what the test for monkeypox exactly is, and who should get tested for the virus…

Dr. Binnicker was asked if vaccines are available to prevent monkeypox?

Dr. Binnicker stated that the primary mode of transmission of monkeypox is through direct contact with a lesion that contains the virus or direct contact with bodily fluids that have the virus in it. Minnesota officials report 44 confirmed cases of monkeypox at last word.  State epidemiologist Dr. Ruth Lynfield says all the cases are in men ages 18 to 55.

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