There are some new food items out in the world. Would you try any of these?

Delish magazine claims Starbucks is going to start selling three new coffee creamers in August. Flavors include Caramel Creamer, White Chocolate Creamer and Cinnamon Dolce Creamer. I prefer my coffee black and I typically stay away from the super-sugary drinks, but I might try these.

Delish magazine also claims Doritos is going to begin selling a sriracha-flavored chip in the Fall. I don’t even know if I’d like these because, believe it or not, I have never tasted sriracha.

Yahoo says Krispy Kreme is selling donut-infused ice cream, donut-infused ice cream sandwiches and donut-infused milkshakes at their new shop in Concord, North Carolina. The trio of new deserts are expected to go nationwide at some point. If I was ever in the mood for something sweet, I’d definitely try these things!

Veg News claims a petition has been started to get IHOP to make vegan pancakes. Over 6,300 people have signed the petition. Eh, if there was nothing else available, I guess I’d try it… but I like old fashion pancakes!

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