Want to Get a Whole Lot Healthier? Lose 13% of Your Body Weight.

How much weight do you really need to lose to see a big difference in your health? Well, it depends. But a new study came up with a number the average person should try to hit if they’re really overweight…

This isn’t for people who are already in decent shape. But researchers tracked 553,000 middle-aged adults who were obese. And they found that losing 13% of their body weight made a huge difference.

That isn’t exactly a small number. For someone who’s 250 pounds, 13% is about 32 pounds. But if you can get that weight off, it comes with a huge list of health benefits.

People in the study who lost 13% of their body weight cut their diabetes risk by 42%, their risk for high blood pressure and sleep apnea by 25%, high cholesterol by 22% and arthritis by 20%.

If 13% sounds impossible, just start small. Other studies have shown that even losing 5% of your body weight makes a difference.

(To be clear, not everyone needs to lose that much weight.  If you’re already in pretty good shape, then losing weight could actually be BAD for your health.  So don’t overdo it!)

Danielle Tufano

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