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Hometown Heroes Assistance Program bill passed

Today, the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative celebrated the newly passed Hometown Heroes Assistance Program. The program dedicates funds to ensure every Minnesota firefighter has access to the education, prevention and care needed to handle a cardiac, emotional trauma or cancer diagnosis.  Representative Cheryl Youakim, the House author of the bill thanked firefighters from throughout the state in their efforts to help get the bill passed…

The Hometown Heroes Assistance Program will provide a statewide “Critical Care” policy for all Minnesota firefighters which covers diagnoses of cancer or cardiac issues.  The bill will also create a MnFIRE Assistance Program for all Minnesota firefighters targeting emotional trauma issues unique to the fire service, and it will also support ongoing annual MnFIRE Awareness training for every Minnesota firefighterThe bill will also help to sustain annual MnFIRE Awareness Training for medical doctors and mental health professionals statewide so all firefighters in Minnesota have regional access to informed and trained medical professionals to help with prevention, mitigation, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiac and emotional trauma.

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