Jacob Wetterling to be Featured on 20/20 Friday

It’s been 34 years since Jacob was kidnapped and murdered on October 22nd 1989 in his hometown of St. Joseph, MN.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I walked in to Home Ec class. In that class, our teacher always had the radio on. A bog ol’ floor radio. You remember the kind. The music stopped and the DJ started talking about a missing boy from Minnesota. (I went to school in WI) Everyone stopped what they were doing and listened.

It was scary because Jacob was close to our age. We were just a bit older. The story became the talk of the school over the next day or two.

It’s a sad story all around. Jacob would’ve been 45 years old. (born in 1978).

This Friday (Oct. 13th) ABC is going to air a special 2 hour 20/20 on Jacob’s disappearance and murder. Get details below.


Jacob’s mother, Patty, also wrote a book. Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope, available Oct. 17th 2023.


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