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Do You Put Ketchup on Your Fries, Hot Dogs, Eggs, Grilled Cheese or Pasta?

A new survey on Buzzfeed asked people if they put ketchup on a bunch of different foods (some of which are traditional, and some of which aren’t). Here’s what they found:

1. Hot dog – 85% of people use ketchup.

2. Fries – 83% use ketchup.

3. Burgers – 82% use ketchup.

4. Chicken nuggets – 69% use ketchup.

5. Eggs – 29% use ketchup.

6. Grilled cheese – 21% use ketchup.

7. Other sandwiches – 14% use ketchup.

8. Pasta – 9% use ketchup.

And finally, 14% of people say they would eat ketchup by the spoonful (please don’t do this).

Danielle Tufano

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