Local legislator discusses recently-passed sick time bill

Minnesota House Democrats, over vigorous Republican objections, recently passed a bill that would allow every Minnesota employee to bank one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to certain annual maximums with no carry-over. KAUS spoke with District 27 Senator Gene Dornink, a Republican from Hayfield who stated that the free market system, in his view, might be a better alternative to provide the sick time for employees in the state…

Other Republicans have stated that Democrats have not yet plugged the hole in the state’s Unemployment Insurance Fund to avoid business tax increases, and they fear that the bill will hurt struggling businesses even more.  Supporters of the bill have stated that upwards of 900,000 Minnesota workers, including two-thirds of workers in the lowest wage positions, lack access to paid time off when they or a family member are ill or need to go to a doctor’s appointment.  Earned Sick and Safe Time can be used to attend to physical and mental health needs – including illness, injury, or a doctor’s appointment – for workers and their family members. Absence following domestic abuse or sexual assault, if a job site is closed, or if a family member’s school is closed would also be eligible uses.  The bill has little chance of advancing in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate. 

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