Local State Representative gives ideas how to use the State of Minnesota’s $7.7 billion budget surplus

Democrats’ and Republicans’ differences over using the state’s record 7.7-billion-dollar budget surplus have come into sharper focus now that the 2022 legislative session is under way.  KAUS News spoke with State District 27A Representative Peggy Bennett, a Republican from Albert Lea who stated that she would like to see tax relief for Minnesota taxpayers, and also investment in infrastructure projects, which would include wastewater treatment facility renovation projects in Austin and Albert Lea…

Representative Bennett went on to state that she thinks budget surplus funds should also go to help replenish the state’s Unemployment Insurance Fund…

Minnesota House Democrats are trying to entice Senate Republicans into beefing-up funding for front-line worker COVID bonuses, by offering GOP lawmakers some of what they want to avoid business tax increases.  Democrats propose one billion dollars to replenish the COVID-depleted Unemployment Insurance Fund but also signal that, in exchange, they want one billion dollars for bigger COVID bonuses for more workers, something Republicans are resisting.  Senate Republicans propose 2.7 billion dollars to replenish the fund, nearly three times what House Democrats are offering.

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