Man Threatens Driving Instructors With 1,500 Paper Cranes

A 22-year-old man in Japan signed up for driving classes but couldn’t pass his test.

Instead of dedicating more time to practice or really stick with it, he blamed his driving instructors instead. He even threatened them by sending hateful letters and a box filled with 1,500 ORIGAMI CRANES.

The strangest part is that paper cranes are normally a sign of peace in Japan. However, they knew it was meant as a threat because of the 15 letters sent over six months that said things like “quit your job” and “DIE.”

When cops arrested him last week and they asked about the paper cranes, he said he folded them himself because it helps calm him down.

Could this be the first time origami has ever been used with “pure malicious intent”? Perhaps.


Criminal Genius courtesy

Photo courtesy Collision Specialists Inc. and Alpha Media.



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