Mayo Clinic expert talks about prevention of heat illnesses with another heat wave on the way

As the temperature rises in the summer, so does the risk of heat-related illnesses, like heat exhaustion and heatstroke.  According to the National Weather Service, over the past 30 years, extreme heat has claimed more lives in America than any other weather-related hazard, including flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes or lightning.  

Experts at Mayo Clinic say it’s important to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat illnesses, and learn how to prevent them.  Dr. Neha Raukar, a Mayo Clinic Emergency Medicine physician, told KAUS News that your body is like a car’s engine. If it starts to overheat, the warning light goes on. And that is heat exhaustion….

Dr. Raukar stated that anyone at any age can suffer from heat exhaustion. High temperatures, particularly when paired with high humidity, are the primary cause….

Dr. Raukar added that without prompt treatment, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke, a life-threatening condition that requires emergency medical attention…

Dr. Raukar went on to state that a common symptom of heatstroke is an altered mental state or behavior….

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