More than 250 U.S. health care workers responding to an NBC News survey say they are overwhelmed and neither  employers or the government aren’t doing enough to protect them as they’re on the front lines of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Some of the responses:

*Being forced to reuse face masks up to five times before given a new one
*Given a mask only once someone has confirmed positive for Coronavirus
*Clinics being forced to send their protective gear to larger hospitals
*Doctors scouring hardware stores for any protective masks
*Being given one can of disinfectant wipes for 42 hospital beds
*A pregnant nurse in Ohio says she has had to tend to critically ill patients without a mask
*Nurses at one Michigan hospital have discussed bringing bleach from home to make their own disinfectant wipes

The President of the nation’s largest nurses union says the government and private sector are not acting fast enough to get critical supplies to those who need them most, adding “We certainly would not ask a firefighter to fight a fire with a spray gun.”

Danielle Tufano

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