Miranda Lambert has revealed that her new album is finished.

She talked about the forthcoming project in a new interview with Billboard: “We are finished, and now we’re just tying the bows on all that stuff. I really got to hone in on this project because we wrote most of it in 2020.”

“There are very few writers on this project. ‘Cowboy’ is the first peek of that. I think that was the last one I wrote for this project and the first one we released. It has a vibe, and it’s different than I’ve ever done, but it’s obviously still me. When I sing, it’s straight-up country, no matter which way I twist it. But yeah, it’s got a bit of a thing to it, that’s all I’ll say.”

In the interview, Miranda also touches on her focus on LGBTQ+ rights within the country music community, including a new song she crafted a song to be included in the newest rendition Queer Eye.

Miranda’s latest release was “The Marfa Tapes” which she produced with Jack Ingram and Jon Randall in May 2021.

2019’s “Wildcard” became Miranda’s seventh consecutive No. 1 album on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

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