Mom pays son $1,800 for staying away from social media for 72 months

18-year-old Minnesota native Sivert Klefsaas just got a hefty birthday gift from his mother – one that he’s been working towards for 6 years.

When Sivert was 12, his mother made him an offer: $1,800 cash on his 18th birthday if he could stay off of all social media in the meantime.

Last weekend, Sivert finally turned 18. And, sure enough, his mother made good on her promise with an $1,800 check.

So, did Sivert feel as though he’d missed out by not being included in the social media revolution for 6 years? Not really.

“You just hear about all the stuff that goes on and just with my friends and with school, and like, ‘oh somebody said this about you’ and ‘oh somebody did that.’ And I was really spared from all that,” Sivert told KARE 11 News.

Sivert said the social media blackout also helped him focus more on school and sports.

“On the whole I would say totally worth it,” he says. “I mean, I would do it again,”

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