It Takes Nine Minutes for Music To Make You Happy, And 13 to Relax

Well here’s something we can help with: According to a new study, it takes less than ten minutes for music to make you happy!

The British Academy of Sound Therapy observed 7,500 people to see how long it takes music to have a, quote, “therapeutic effect.”

They found if you’re feeling sad or stressed, it only takes 13 minutes to pull you out of it. And if you’re already in an okay mood, it takes just nine minutes to make you happier.

The best type of music to help you relax is something with a slow tempo, a simple melody, and no lyrics.

The best type to make you happy is something with a driving rhythm, fast tempo, and HAPPY lyrics.

89% of people in the study said they listen to music for their own personal well being. So it’s something almost all of us already do.

81% specifically use it to boost happiness . . . 47% use it to help process certain negative emotions . . . and 33% of us use it to help us concentrate.

Danielle Tufano

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