Parody Hitman Website Catches Guy Looking To Become Real Hitman

Since the parody website came about in 2005, the guys who created it have aided in the arrest of nearly 30 people.

Some criminals (or would-be criminals) have used it thinking it’s real. The guys who run the site tell the police when this happens.

The most recent moron to fall into this not-so trap is a 21-year-old Tennessee man named Josiah.

Only this time, it was a RESUME they received. The man, who is in the Air National Guard, wanted a job that would involve his military background.

The FBI eventually became involved and an arrest was made after the man accepted $5,000 to do a “hit”.

A quick Google search shows the site is not legitimate but some fall for it.


Criminal Genius courtesy

Photo courtesy Collision Specialists Inc. and Alpha Media.
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