Plant-based foods may be coming to your child’s school lunch menu

School lunches might look very different soon.

Impossible Foods has received the Child Nutrition label from the USDA, making their plant-based foods acceptable for schools to use in lunches.

“The product met the rigorous requirements in large part because of soy, the main protein source in our product and the only plant protein that rivals beef from cows in terms of protein quality,” said Esther Park of Impossible Foods.

A recent survey of 1,200 school-age children revealed that a concern over climate change has paved the way for kids to try something new for lunch. 7 in 10 students feel they are able to make a difference in climate change, while 90% of respondents feel it’s ‘important’ that they make some effort to help the planet.

Impossible Foods will begin a pilot program at schools in at least three states: Washington, Oklahoma, and California.

If the program goes well, it could mean big business for the company. There are nearly 100,000 elementary and secondary schools in the U.S.

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