Recreational marijuana bill clears first committee in MN House

A bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota cleared the first of a number of required committees in the Minnesota House this week after supporters and opponents told lawmakers their stories.

“Legalizing cannabis will force the big pot monopoly to finally reduce the highest prices in the nation that have forced patients to other states… or the illicit black market where people have been shot dead over trying to obtain cannabis,” said Tom Evenstad, a patient in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program:

Speaking out against the proposed bill, Heather Backus warned lawmakers that what’s being proposed is not safe. Backus’ said her only son in July 2021 committed suicide at age 21 due to cannabis-induced psychosis, after he became increasingly paranoid and every guardrail failed.

“He sent us a text and said he was trying to quit. Forty-five minutes later, he sent a text and said: I’m sorry. I love you. I love my dad. I wish I would have been a better person,” Backus testified.

Governor Tim Waltz has indicated that legalizing recreational use of marijuana would be an early priority for the Democrat-controlled state legislature this session.

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