Remember These Christmas Classics?

Growing up in the 70’s was awesome. If you ask me, that’s when we had the BEST Christmas specials.

We didn’t have DVR or cloud storage back then. If there was a show on at 7pm, you were in front of the TV 10 minutes early so you didn’t miss anything. And I was that way even more so at Christmas time. That’s when they aired the classics like Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, A Charlie Brown Christmas. and so many more. The shows they have now just wouldn’t do it for me if I were a kid NOW.

But I did show the Rudolph to my grandson (who’s 6) and not even 2 minutes in, he says, “This sucks!”

I really thought I was gonna show him something. Ha! But I get it. The times have changed. Oh well. I’ll still watch it.

Check out the trailer! Brings back some great memories.

Or how about this one…

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