Rockford, MN man sentenced to supervised probation, large fine on drug sale charge in Mower County District Court

A Rockford man who sold a total of 19.563 grams of cocaine to a confidential informant on four different occasions between February and April in 2020 has been sentenced to supervised probation and a large fine in Mower County District Court.

41-year old Christopher Gregory Dominguez was convicted and sentenced Friday to five years of supervised probation and fines and fees totaling just over $20,000 for a felony charge of 2nd degree drugs, sale of a Schedule I or II narcotic in a park zone.  Dominguez was granted a stay of imposition in the case where the defendant pleads guilty to a felony-level offense.  If he or she successfully completes their probation, the conviction will be deemed a misdemeanor.  

Dominguez first pleaded guilty to the charge on December 21st, 2021, and felony charges of 1st degree drugs, sale of 17 grams or more of cocaine within a 90-day period, two additional counts of 2nd degree drugs, sale of a Schedule I or II narcotic in a park zone and a charge of 3rd degree drugs, sale of a narcotic drug in the case were all dismissed  with Dominguez’s guilty plea.

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