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Weekends Big Ed Brady

  • Saturday 12:00pm-6:00pm
  • Sunday 1:00pm-6:00pm

Being on the radio is like a ‘party’ for Big Ed Brady. When you hear him on the radio you can hear the smile on his face and in his voice. Anytime you listen to the radio when Ed is on, you are going to enjoy great music and his words between the songs that encourage you and brighten your day on US Country. You may have heard his voice on AM 1480 KAUS, on US Country 99.9FM, and on some of our commercials, too. You might say that Big Ed is a utility player for our team because he can be an announcer, newsman, and create great ads for our advertising customers, too. On the days when Ed is not on the radio, he’s busy in security at Hormel Foods, teaching Sunday School at Crane Chapel, and playing with his grandchildren who live in Austin, MN. Make sure that tune-in when he is on the radio and hear his smile, ok?