Not often can social media be counted on to uplift your day, but there are some trending photos and videos on this 75th anniversary of the allied invasion of Nazi-occupied France that are worth watching and seeing for their patriotism.

In this Twitter video, Tom Rice, who’s 97 now, parachuted into northern France yesterday 75 years after doing the same during for the U.S. military during the allied invasion.

A 93-year-old U.S. Navy vet named Raymond Chambers wasn’t at D-Day, but fought at the Battle of Iwo Jima in the South Pacific. He only recently discovered that he’d been wounded in battle when his doctor recently found shrapnel in his leg. So he just received three medals, including two Bronze Stars, more than seven decades later.

And finally, a 101-year-old Air Force vet named Walter Kloc fought in World War Two. And a photo of him hugging his grandson has been going viral this week after he flew 1,500 miles to be at his Air Force Academy graduation.

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