State legislative leaders come to agreement on a bipartisan budget plan

Governor Tim Walz,  House Speaker Melissa Hortman, and Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller have an agreement on a bipartisan budget plan.  KAUS spoke with State District 20B Representative Todd Lippert, a DFL’er from Northfield who stated that it was definitely encouraging to see the agreement fall into place, and he added that the agreement includes a four-billion-dollar investment in education, public safety and health care, plus four billion in tax relief and 1.4 billion for a bonding bill…

Representative Lippert went on to state that the pace of the session is definitely picking up with the Monday, May 23rd adjournment date looming…

The two sides have not laid out specifics as of yet on how an additional billion dollars from the agreement will be spent on education, a like amount for human services, and 1.3 billion dollars for what were termed other areas.  Governor Walz stated that he agrees with Republicans that there is a role for some permanent tax cuts, especially if they’re targeted to families, families with children.

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