How Many of These Strong Opinions on Random Things Do You Have?

We get weirdly passionate about random stuff, huh? A new survey on Buzzfeed asked people how many strong opinions they have on some pretty random topics. And here are the results . . .

1. “GIF is pronounced with a hard ‘g.'” 68% agree. (I agree… because it stands for – Graphics Interchange Format)

2. “It’s okay to tell your partner private things about your friends.” 65% agree. (I am a believe in keeping secrets that you promise to keep, but I also understand the closeness of having a partner to talk to about things, so I truly believe this depends on the topic. If it’s a very serious issue, you should probably keep it to yourself)

3. “Astrology and horoscopes aren’t legitimate.” 64% agree. (I agree, they’re garbage!)

4. “Putting your kid on a ‘child leash’ in public is wrong.” 51% agree. (Ew, no… stop doing that)

5. “You should always tip at least 20% at a restaurant.” 47% agree. (99.9% of the time I tip above 20%. In fact, since the pandemic started, I have been tipping 100% for all of my takeout orders. However, if a server is purposely rude… they aren’t getting 20%)

6. “If we don’t talk the day of our plans, they’re canceled.” 33% agree. (As much as I wish this was true because I love when people cancel plans, I do not agree)

7. “When you go to dinner with friends, the bill should be split evenly regardless of what people ordered.” 26% agree. (I agree as long as the numbers are close. If there is a significant difference, then it should be split by who had what. But I wouldn’t pull out my calculator for a few dollar difference)

8. “Monogamy goes against human nature.” 20% agree. (I disagree. I have no patience for anyone that cheats. Ever. No excuses in my book. If you’re not happy, get out)

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