The Average Person Will Eat an Insane Amount of Food During the Super Bowl. Here’s the Breakdown.

Apparently Sunday is also going to be the Super Bowl for digestion.

According to a new survey, the average person is going to eat a crazy amount of food during the Super Bowl on Sunday. We’re talking almost 11,000 calories (at least four times more than doctors recommend). And that doesn’t even include calories from drinks, like soda and beer!

Here’s how it breaks down. The average person will eat 19 different foods on Sunday, and not just bites of them either!

-2.7 wings
-3.2 slices of pizza
-2.1 servings of fries
-3.4 bags of chips
-1.9 bowls of chili
-2.4 burgers
-1.7 sliders
-two hot dogs
-2.7 portions of nachos
-three pieces of fried chicken
-1.8 rib
-1.7 sausages
-1.6 slices of cake
-1.8 brownies
-1.8 bowls of ice cream
-2.1 subs
-1.7 bags of candy
-1.9 chocolate bars
-2.3 bowls of salad.

Although you could probably skip that last one, you know, to cut back. haha Just reading that list gives me heartburn!

Danielle Tufano

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