Nothing derails a diet like eating the same boring foods day in and day out. That’s why some people have a “cheat” day, stuffing themselves, then getting back on the horse!

Proving he’s just like the rest of us, Dwayne Johnson also will enjoy meals off the prescribed menu, but they are nothing like us mere mortals could handle.

On Instagram, The Rock likes to show off what he’ll take down for his Sunday “Epic Cheat Meals.”

For starters, he’ll have four “double dough” pizzas, then a stack of 12 pancakes.

The “sushi express” was over 100 pieces.

Johnson once did his best Cookie Monster impression, gobbling down 15.

Just this weekend he smashed three pints of ice cream along with peanut butter smothered pancakes.

What does your typical diet “cheat day” look like?

Danielle Tufano

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