This is How You Do Winter

Technology blows me away.

I’ve seen the robotic mowers. we’ve even talked about getting one. I love that it will mow the lawn, even in the rain. it keeps it at a good length all summer long so you can do more things with your new found free time. I love it and I will definitely be getting one soon. But then I see this. An autonomous snowblower. Now I want one of these.

Check it out.

Who wouldn’t love one of these? No more having to bundle up and head outside to snow blow.

I used to actually like snow blowing but the older I get, the more I dislike it. One of these babies would definitely come in handy.

It’s called a Yarbo Snow Blower S1. It’s gonna run you about $7500 but it also comes with a lawn mowing attachment. So really, you’re getting 2 in 1.



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