Boxers… briefs… granny panties… whatever your style is… Happy National Underwear Day!

Some stats!

A survey found that 42% of men wear boxer briefs, 21% wear boxers and 18% of men go commando. 40% of men prefer cotton briefs while 2.4% go for silk underwear. By the way, 28% of men wait until their underwear is ripped or stained before buying a new pair. :\

If you’re a tighty whitie wearer, beware! A study by Harvard University says that tighty whities are bad for men who are trying to have a child. They agree that going commando or wearing boxer shorts are good because it keeps their body temperature cool.

A survey found that the average woman holds onto a pair of underwear for 5 years while 31% of men wear their underwear two ore more times before washing it!

Please just do us all a favor and wear clean underwear every day!

Danielle Tufano

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