Two neighbors in northern Arkansas arrived at a hospital on Sunday with chest pain and severe bruises.

They initially lied about what had happened, but eventually came clean…

One of them recently bought a bulletproof vest, so they decided to test it out by putting it on and shooting each other.

50-year-old Charles Ferris wore it first. He asked his 36-year-old neighbor Chris Hicks to shoot him in the chest with a 22-caliber rifle. Luckily, the vest stopped the bullet.

But Charles became angry at how much the shot hurt. So he told Chris to put the vest on, and unloaded a clip into his back. Fortunately, it stopped all those bullets too.

After they realized what they’d done might be illegal, Charles didn’t want Chris to get in trouble. So he claimed they were paid $200 to protect an “asset,” and that they’d been involved in a shootout while they were guarding it.

Charles’s wife blew their cover when she got to the hospital and explained what really happened.

They’re both facing charges for aggravated assault, and up to six years in jail.

Alcohol appears to have been a contributing factor.

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