The Average Person Hits Snooze Twice And Stays In Bed An Extra 24 Minutes

On average, how many times do you hit snooze in the morning before you actually get up and face the day?

A new survey found the average American hits their snooze button twice, and takes an extra 24 minutes to get out of bed!

Here are seven more random stats on waking up:

1. The average person sets two different alarms each day. And we change our alarm times an average of 38 times a year.

2. Only 1 in 4 people still use a traditional alarm clock instead of their phone.

3. The top things we skip when we wake up late include making the bed, making breakfast, making coffee and brushing our teeth (ew!).

4. The #1 reason we wake up in a bad mood is not getting enough sleep, because we stayed up late watching TV.

5. The #1 way we feel after waking up is “groggy.” Only 18% said they wake up happy and refreshed each day and another 11% feel motivated to take on the day.

6. Two-thirds say it’s easier to get up if you have something exciting to look forward to. And more than 3 in 4 say that having a morning routine also helps.

7. 52% would prefer it if their parents could still wake them up every day.

Danielle Tufano

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