There’s a Calculator That Determines How Long It Takes Athletes to Earn Your Salary

Everyone knows that star athletes make ridiculous amounts of money.  And if just knowing that isn’t enough to make you cry… there’s a new online calculator that will show you how long it takes professional athletes to earn your annual salary! 🙁

Let‘s say you make $40,000 a year, and you choose LeBron James.  Well, it takes him 3/10 of a quarter on the court to earn what you make in a year.  That also averages out to about 2.71 points scored.

If you make $100k, it would take Tom Brady .29 quarters to earn your annual salary, he also earns your salary for every 2.59 pass attempts.

If you make $75k, it would take Cristiano Ronaldo 5.73 minutes of playing time to earn your annual salary. He also earns your salary for every .04 goals scored.

If your annual salary is $35,000, it would take Serena Williams .28 matches played to earn the same.

Check out the calculator HERE.

It’s quite sad.

Danielle Tufano


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