There’s a song on Dierks Bentley’s new ‘Gravel & Gold’ album that — on the surface — appears to take a shot at popular Country Music.

“Something Real,” is the fourth track from his just-released album.

In the chorus, Dierks sings:

I wanna hear about a deep cut, a heartbreak
Yeah, tell me ’bout your hard times, your mistakes
Give me somethin’ that’ll burn, I can turn into somethin’ I can feel

“I guess that song does talk about some songs that name drop, or the cliche stuff about dirt roads and girls in bars and neon signs,” Dierks said recently. “I’m as guilty of doing that as much as anybody else. This song kind of checks me on that.”

Dierks Bentley has never won a major category CMA or ACM award, and was famously banned from the Grand Ole Opry for sneaking over to hang out backstage with the artists who were set to perform at night early in his career.

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