Exterminator Caught Peeing Throughout Couple’s Living Room

A 67-year-old exterminator in Pennsylvania is facing charges for PEEING all over a customer’s living room. 

The owner of an apartment complex hired Roger Young to come in and spray pesticide in the units.

However, when one of the tenants found a spider a few days later, they checked footage from their security camera to make sure he actually sprayed pesticide.

What they saw was him peeing in several different spots around their living room. Nothing was safe… not their rug, their couch, a side table, or even their daughter’s TOY BOX.

When cops asked why, he said he was just “having a bad day” and was “sick of people.”

He’s facing charges for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.  Plus, the tenants say replacing their belongings cost them over $4,000 so tack that on, too.


Criminal Genius courtesy

Photo courtesy Collision Specialists Inc. and Alpha Media.

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