Former Mortuary Arrested For Selling Body Parts

An 36-year-old Arkansas woman named Candace Scott was arrested after police discovered she was stealing then selling body parts for money.

Scott is a former mortuary worker who mailed a man 20 boxes of body parts over the course of nine months. She met the man through his Facebook group called Oddities, a group centered around the strange and unusual.

She messaged the man,

 “Just out of curiosity, would you know anyone in the market for a fully intact EMBALMED BRAIN.”

Scott allegedly sold and mailed him 20 BOXES of body parts, including an ear, an arm, lungs, livers, kidneys, hands, skulls and a full human head, over the course of nine months.

The grand total? Nearly $11,000. Not worth it though, considering they’ve both been arrested.

She’s pleading not guilty to 12 counts of mail fraud, wire fraud, and transportation of stolen property.


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