Surprising Items Your Grocery Store May not Have in Stock

The pandemic still continues to hit grocery stores shelves as cases spike throughout the U.S.

As some processing plants close due to Coronavirus, found some items that may be harder to find next time you’re at the store.

-Toilet paper may still be hard to find on the shelves and many stores are still limiting the number of packs you can by six months later.

-Flour and spices may be sparse in the store as more people prefer to cook from home while local governments throughout the country set different social distancing guidelines.  In fact, McCormick is now running their spice manufacturing plants 24 hours a day so spices can be fully stocked by the holidays.

-Carrots are a veg that may be hard to come by.  Reuters reports that many vegetable packing plants have employees who have tested Coronavirus positive and the world’s largest carrot-processing facility had an employee die from Coronavirus.

Danielle Tufano

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