Weird Minnesota Laws

I got an idea from a friend of mine, to look at some of the odd laws in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and here’s what I found.

I don’t have the particular dates these laws were put on the books but I imagine it was quite some time ago and I’m positive they’re not being enforced. At least not #1.

  1. Hamburgers on Sundays:
    Believe it or not, in St. Cloud, Minnesota, it is illegal to sell or serve hamburgers on Sundays. This law dates back to the 1950s when Sunday blue laws were more common, aiming to enforce religious observance and rest.
  2. Duck Hunting from a Motorboat:
    In Minnesota, it is illegal to shoot a duck from a motorboat. This law, although seemingly odd, is rooted in the state’s conservation efforts to protect waterfowl and ensure fair hunting practices. The law states: “Migratory waterfowl may be taken from a watercraft propelled by motor or sails only if the watercraft has stopped and the motor is shut off and the sails are furled.”
  3. Riding a Bicycle without Hands:
    In Minneapolis, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without both hands on the handlebars. While safety concerns may have influenced this law, it’s certainly one of the more peculiar regulations cyclists encounter in the city.
  4. Don’t Jump from a Moving Vehicle:
    In Minnetonka, it is against the law to jump from a moving vehicle traveling at 65 miles per hour or more. This law, while undoubtedly sensible, begs the question of why such a specific speed threshold was chosen.

I get #4. That makes perfect sense but the others…not so much. I imagine #4 is the only one that’s really being enforced.

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